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This is a first for The GFE Boudoir blog. Which is a huge shocker to me but for some reason over the years, I have never blogged a session with multiple women. Yet, we get friends who come in together all the time. Sharing that you are having your own boudoir shoot is strictly off limits for some gals and that is just fine. For some women they feel more secure having her friend there to support her. Either way works for me but I do have some rules for your friend.

This beautiful pair both wanted shoots and it seemed logical for them to come in on the same day. This is the ultimate! You can shop together, prep together and get excited together. This is something they will look back on as something they had a blast doing together, which is what friendship is, enjoying as much as your life as you can with your best loves. On their shoot day, they decided who would go into styling first, as this is the first client to be photographed. The second woman is in styling while the first is being shot so you don't have the pressure of feeling like you are being watched; if that scares you. The first client almost always asks her friend if it is ok if she is in the shooting area while she is being photographed. There is coffee shop right downstairs, you can go grab a drink and a cookie and come back up and get cozy under blankets on one of the sofas while your friend is being shot, if either of you feel uncomfortable with extra eyes on you.  You can do this together but never really see one another if that is too much. Some girlfriends have traded off days, where they come to support one another but have their own shoot on a separate day. That works too!

Some things to considerate if you think you want to bring your bestie along!

A. She must be a cheerleader. No Debbie Downers or Negative Nancys. Some best friends bicker like old married couples and if your friend might ruin your vibe, or mine, best to leave her at home. 

B. I don't care if she has been shot by another photographer. All photographers work differently and the experience she had must not have been all that rad if you are here with me, so if she wants to say, "My photographer did this...." she could be asked to leave. It just isn't helpful. It will make you anxious. Basically, it is like going on a date and talking about your ex. So,.....

C. Is she supportive? Honestly supportive? Does she get excited for you when good things happen? Is she helpful when you need it? Would having her around make this experience even better for you?


I love when best friends come in together who are really excited to be there and really excited to do this along side their friends. I have asked just a few girls to step out, but these are the friends that come as pure support and aren't both being photographed on the same day. If you are both having your boudoir shoot that day, this will be one of your best memories together!