Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography, Boudoir Photographer Pittsburgh, What happens the day of your boudoir shoot?

You're in very good company. Every single client feels a little nervous, at lot nervous, petrified and some are shocked the even made it through the door. Know that what you are feeling is normal. It is even healthy. Being nervous means you are excited, that this experience means something to you. When you arrive for your appointment you most often greeted by our stylist who starts the day before anyone else. She opens the studio, lights the candles, turns on some music,  prepares her tools and products and warms up the coffee pot for your arrival. Don't be surprised if there is a four legged friend running around when she opens the door for you.  Think of Eddie and Talia as therapy dogs. Both will curl up in your lap at your feet and give you all their lovin'. She will help you lay out your wardrobe, shoes and accessories before you settle in the makeup chair. 

I have no skin in the game when it comes to the hair and the makeup you choose for your shoot. Colors are discussed between the two of you. I only want clean skin, big eyes and healthy lips. How smokey you go, is up to you. You will be in styling for anywhere from an hour to and hour and a half. During that time, I will likely sit with you and chit chat, wander over to your wardrobe, head down to the shooting area and have 6 or 7 cups of coffee. Once you have your finishing touches all complete, you are all mine. This is the perfect time to take a bathroom break. I'll have had at least 7 cups of coffee and will need the break myself. Your first outfit will ready for you in the dressing room along with a robe. 

Before we begin your session, I will give you some general guidelines. I explain my process about how I shoot and why. You really don't need to know anything. That is my job. I am responsible for posing you. I will direct you through process for creating moving facial emotions. I want your body language and your facial expression to work together to pull the viewer into the photograph. In all of the years I have been doing this, no two bodies have been the same. I find it quite remarkable. During the session I will fix your hair, adjust your wardrobe and even remind you to breathe. I will encourage you to move and emote on your own but if the impulse does not come to you; I am there as constant support. If the impulse never comes, your shoot is not much different from someone else's shoot. I will continue to direct and coach all of your movements until we have exhausted all of our wardrobe options. 

After we have photographed your final set, you will get dressed and we will discuss what happens to your photos from that moment forward. Which will be a whole other blog post about post processing and product design and payment plans. 

Go have a drink, take your partner on a date, take a shit-ton of selfies and go enjoy the high of doing something not many other woman have the courage to do and look forward to seeing the fruits of all your hard work. Sometimes shopping for lingerie for your boudoir shoot and amping up your grooming sets the stage for your shoot and beyond. Little bits of self care can really be a catalyst to improving how you see yourself....while wait until you see the boudoir photographs we have created together!