Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography, Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh PA, Frequently Asked Questions!

Boudoir is one of those photography genres that is getting a lot of buzz lately. Curiosity is often piqued and the idea will lay dormant because finding your right photographer can feel overwhelming. The name of my studio is The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir for a reason! I want you to feel as comfortable choosing to book with us as possible. I want to feel like a life long friend who also knows how to take ridiculously awesome photos of all of your sides. Without much further ado our ten most frequently asked questions/concerns that I often hear.

1. I love your photos but I don't look like these women. I need to lose at least 10 lbs. 

As a woman, I totally understand where you are coming from. I feel this way most of the time, too! The image you see in the mirror is one dimensional. You fixate on what you think are your flaws and you never honor the fact that you are a three dimensional person. You can't see what everyone else sees. Through posing, wardrobe, lighting and my angle; I can draw focus to the parts of your body you are more comfortable with and diminish the ones you are less fond of. 


2. I am not great with hair and makeup. 

You don't have to worry about your own styling. I have an amazing artist to pamper you with full professional hair and makeup. I never want to overwhelm you with makeup. I do want you to have beautiful clear skin, big intoxicating eyes and beautifully enhanced features. Makeup for photography is very different from going out night makeup. Utilizing the skill of a professional stylist is another layer to creating gorgeous images of you.


3. I have had children/surgery/skin concerns. I don't want these things to show in my photos.

Most of my clients are mothers. Stretch marks are the most common figure concern that my clients are afraid of. Next comes the cellulite and wrinkles. Followed by scars from surgeries and concerns like excema and psoriasis. Routinely, we see these concerns. Each is addressed in our layered approach. First with styling, then with wardrobe and then you will be coached into poses that will draw the viewers eyes away from the issues you are most concerned about. The icing on the cake is the retouching. I am not anti-photoshop. I never take 20 year or 20lbs but ALL blemishes can and will be removed from your images if that is what you want. I know I wouldn't want to be face to face with my own mommy tummy in an image so I won't put you in that position either. Having a staff retoucher to hand edit every single image from your session means that you will never ever have be concerned about your photos being anything less than amazing. 

4. I don't own much lingerie. I don't even know where to begin shopping.

As part of our inquiry process, each potential client will receive a lingerie guide to help decipher all of the linger styles you will find out on the market right now. Along with links for where to shop online as well as locally. I am also here bounce idea off of! I am not hardcore lingerie!!! Some of my favorite shoots have featured wardrobe items that are not your traditional lingerie. When planning your shoot, hit your closet first!!! What do you already have that you feel great in? I had one woman who rocked her favorite sweat pants with a cute crop top. It was crazy sexy to see her feel good in her skin which translated sexy images, naturally! I keep plenty of stuff on hand at the studio as well. I call this our supplemental wardrobe. We don't have multiples of every size but you are more than welcome to use anything I have. Sometimes I like to pull from the wardrobe to spice up your looks a bit! Also, naked is so underrated. Nude and implied nudes often our clients favorites no matter what her size!

5. I am not going to make prints or hang these on my walls. What will I do with my photos?

You say that now!!!! You ARE art! You deserve to feel wonderful about yourself and be proud of your images. Wait until you see your images before you decide what you will or won't do with your photographs. Our two most popular items are albums and digital files. You have options but you don't have to decide until you see your images. Many woman have chosen to purchase her digital files and make beautiful art for their homes. 

6. Can I bring my friend? My partner?

Yes and No. No and yes. You can bring a friend, so long as she is a cheerleader. Not the best friend that is TOO close. The one who is brutally honest and will kill your mojo. I don't care if you have an ass zit, I am not going mention it and I don't need your asshole friend making you worry about something that the retoucher will blast away with one click of her hand dandy photoshop. Bring a friend who will encourage you and is as excited for your shoot as you are. Now, what about your partner. Sure, as long as he or she is prepared to be photographed too!!!!! If not, either leave them at home or they are welcome to explore The Strip while we get you glammed and photographed then they can pick you up for a lunch date after your shoot!

7. I don't want my images online. Do you share something from everyone?

No big deal! Your trust in me is paramount. We all have reasons to keep our images private. Your wish is my command! 

8.  Where does my shoot take place? I've seen other photographers use hotels or want to come to my home.

The GFE Boudoir has an awesome studio located in The Strip District neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA. Our studio has a very industrial feel with exposed brick walls, hard wood floors, twenty foot high ceilings, a kick ass fire escape and beautiful arched windows. I have several sets or "areas" that I am constantly changing to keep a fire under my ass and to be able to offer you as much variety as possible during your shoot. 

9. I have never done this before. I really don't know how to do pose or what to do with my face.

My lord, tell me all about it! Even those of us who do this for a living get really intimidated when the camera is turned on us! Even though I could coach 100 women,  it all vanishes into thin air when it is my turn. It is my JOB to know how to direct, coach, pose and demonstrate for you. It is a little bit like monkey see monkey do at The GFE Boudoir. All you have to do is make it to the studio the day of your shoot, you can even forget all that wardrobe you worried about and we will rock your shoot together because between the styling and my direction along with you, you already have everything you need to have a great shoot. 

10.  I want to do this but I don't have someone to give the photos to!

This is for YOU!!!!! If you have a partner, this is just a bonus for him or her. Having someone else is not a prerequisite for having a boudoir session. I am all for women celebrating themselves!!  Getting married, super. Getting divorced, super. Having or had a baby, super. Lose weight? Gain weight, super. I find that we often look for permission to do something other than pick up a few extra items from Target for ourselves. Why? Why not  give yourself a boost that has nothing else to do with anyone else. These photos are about you, period. Any benefit for anyone else is just icing on the cake!!!!!!