Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh, Western PA Boudoir Photographer

I just recently updated the art for the studio and I had to have this very last image on acrylic for our walls. She is beautiful and her eyes draw you in. In person, the artwork is just over 3 feet wide. I encourage all of my clients to think about how they want their images archived. I live with the reality that most of my work will never see the light of day. The images are personal and private. Almost all clients will choose to have their images displayed inside of an album along side of digital files. Digital files are great for creating your own art, creating photo books and making prints but above all, digital files are great for turing our collaboration into wall art. 

Displaying your photos isn't arrogant. I want you to take pride in what we create together and realize that I can't make a beautiful photo without you. You put just as much work into your photographs as I have.  Whatever brings you to your boudoir session, I want our time together to be something that brings you pride every time you see your images. In your bedroom, in your walk in closet, your private bathroom or above your bed.....each time you see your images, you will be reminded of that moment......

Each time, I will look at this images as it hangs in my studio, I will be reminded of her story and what brought her to me. I will be reminded of all the hard work she puts into her family, her career and herself. I will be reminded of the courage it took for her to commit to a shoot. I will be reminded that without her there is no me. I will be reminded that without her strength, her courage and her vulnerability, this photo would not exist; and I will give thanks.