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We are talking wardrobe. This gorgeous gal inspired me to bring up a super hard topic for most of you. 

What to wear for your boudoir shoot.

There are a couple of methods that most women use on this matter. Bring everything you fucking own and I will dig through and pick what I like. I actually don't hate this method. It is like shopping for me. There is also, doesn't own any lingerie feels awkward in it, brings what was given to you at your bridal shower 5-15 years and 1-3 kids ago. This is no fun for either one of us. Then there is something that I have been seeing more and more and am loving more and more. 

The super edit method. 3-5 options you love. That fit you like a glove. That you feel good in. 

She employed The Super Edit, totally made that up and I will forever use it.

She brought

  1. The Classic CK bikini set
  2. A high cut American Apparel swimsuit
  3. Matching bralette and thong panty
  4. Garter belt pantyhose  

Everything but the Calvin Klein set was black. The pantyhose-garter belt was a last minute purchase and they were amazing. Simple plain garter belts can be hard to find, the panty hose were a great substitution. I can't wait to show them to you and I'll be suggesting them for more clients in the future. The bralette set was perfect for her. You don't need to wear a push up bra, some of us are bralette babes and the style suits us better. This is about YOU! Not what you see on Pinterest. The swim suit was her unexpected item. I was in love the moment I saw it. With an ultra high cut leg, it would make her mile long legs look even more lengthy and the deep cut spaghetti straps pulled your eyes toward the waist and showed some steller side action. 

I grabbed the romper from the studio wardrobe along with the socks just to create some a touch more styled.

Settling on your styling for your shoot can be stressful. I like for you to think of these things when packing your bag; something more casual, something unexpected, something that shows your personality and something non lingerie. She hit each and every one of those!

More to come!