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What was your motivation to seek out a boudoir photography experience?

I decided to do a boudoir shoot kiiiiiind of last minute as a 1-year "paper" anniversary gift for my husband (because photo paper counts, right?). I wasn't going to do it because I had done a pin-up shoot the year prior as an engagement/wedding gift and had made a calendar from that shoot. My husband started bringing up how he was sad that his calendar would be running out, so I finally said "Screw it! I'm doing another calendar!" I knew I wanted to do something more intimate and less character-like for this gift, and that boudoir photos would really surprise him. 


Choosing your studio/photographer is super personal, why did you choose The GFE?

1 - The qualify of Steff's work is undeniable. I kept looking and looking at different photographer options, and always came back to hers because I loved (and still love) her work so much.

2 - After joining the private Facebook group, I knew the GFE energy was the kind of energy I wanted to surround myself with - positive, encouraging, empowering, with an emphasis on self-love and sharing that love with others.

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Leading up to the shoot what were you most concerned about?

Mostly wardrobe, and being "sexy enough." I don't really consider myself a sexy lady. I've always tended toward the goofy, light-hearted side of myself. As a performer, I've always been stronger in comedic roles, or roles in which I'm playing a boy, so I was really nervous about doing this intimate, sexy shoot. 

best boudoir pittsburgh


What was your favorite part of your boudoir experience?

What wasn't my favorite part? Seriously. I can't pick just one. From getting dolled up with hair & make-up to the shoot to the reveal - I learned so much from the experience as a whole and had a blast. I can't ask for much more than that.

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Is there anything you would change or do differently?

Stress less about it? Haha! I was so nervous and I didn't need to be. I over-prepared in terms of wardrobe and working out/eating/not eating - the latter honestly got a little unhealthy and it just wasn't necessary. Everybody (and every body) can and should be celebrated as they are. Steff knows exactly what she's doing, and makes you feel totally comfortable - no need to stress!



What would you tell other women about your experience, would you recommend doing something like this for themselves?

I'd say "It's absolutely incredible. 10/10 - highly recommend. Would do again." I don't think you really need a specific reason to do it, either. Mine was for an anniversary gift, but it ended up doubling as a gift to myself in terms of its affect on my self-love/appreciation. 



Do you view yourself differently since your session? Do you appreciate your body more? Are you kinder to yourself?

100% yes to all. My photo reveal session was actually really emotional for me. I couldn't believe I was looking at myself. I have struggled with body image my entire life - my husband evens quasi jokes about my "girl in the mirror" syndrome where what I see in the mirror is NOT what anyone else sees when they look at me. So there I was sitting in the studio, looking at these photos of myself, and I thought, "Wow. What?!?! Who is that strong, sexy, empowered woman?! That's really me?!" My session helped me see myself in a way I never have before - or maybe I have, but have never been convinced of it. Either way, I came away from this session with a newfound sense of self that has started to transform my life in a variety of ways, and I cannot thank Steff enough for the part she played in that.

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