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What was your motivation to seek out a boudoir photography experience? 


Originally the whole idea stemmed from my boyfriend being deployed. I thought what would be a good thing to send to him while he’s away. I came up with boudoir photos. And I could never have imagined that this sexy surprise for my boyfriend would turn into such a beautiful gift for myself. 


Choosing your studio/photographer is super personal, why did you choose The GFE?


-I do a little photography on the side and so I was just doing to set up all my camera settings and have my friends do it for me. Then I came across The GFE. I fell in love with Steff’s style. The beautiful way she photographed women from every walk life, and made their most beautiful attributes the center of attention. The way she made women of every shape and size feel amazing in their own skin. So I thought, What the hell, it’s worth it to just email her and see what is all involved. And boy was a pleasantly surprised. I instantly knew by her welcoming, charming, and passionate response that I had found the perfect place. 


Leading up to the shoot what were you most concerned about?


-Right after making the decision to book my shoot, I was most concerned about what I was going to wear. After reading a lot from previous clients and their experiences I kind of let that part go, because I was going to end up naked anyway! The worries then became, I couldn’t possibly look as good as these other beautiful women featured on the blog. I’m going to be the one who looks a mess. I can’t make a serious sexy face without looking silly! What was I thinking when I booked this shoot! Once I was in the studio in the makeup chair with Dessa and Steff chatting about normal everyday things, just like friends I have known all my life, all those worries just faded away. And, a little secret... Steff knows the trick to the smoldering sexy serious face 


What was your favorite part of your boudoir experience?


-My absolute favorite part of the girlfriend experience is the feeling that completely swept over me during and after my shoot. I felt sexy in a way I never felt before. In a way that completely 100% came from me and not anyone else. Don’t get me wrong, I still have huge insecurities about my body and things I would change in a heartbeat but I learned that to me, I’m at my sexiest when I’m completely myself, relaxed and laughing. 


My second favorite part was the two fabulous women who made this experience possible for the women before me and who make it possible for all of the women after me. They are truly amazing at what they do and have created such a fantastic place for women to pamper themselves, whether it be their sole motivation at the beginning or not. 


Is there anything you would change or do differently?


-I walked into my shoot with no expectations. I knew I was going to have a great time. I went in, taking the advice that most women before me gave, completely open to the idea of getting naked. Even still, knowing that I was going to do whatever Steff asked, because she’s the professional, it was still very surprising when she told me to shed everything. My only wish is that I would have been less stressed through the implied nude/nude set. More relaxed. 


What would you tell other women about your experience, would you recommend doing something like this for themselves?



-100% YES! Whether you do it just once or, like myself cannot wait to go back and do it again. If it even gives you a fraction of the confidence every woman should have it’s worth it. Not even taking the finished product into account, the experience itself, with Steff is soooo much fun. So laid back and soooo WORTH IT! I can’t say it enough! 


From the moment I stepped into the doors of The GFE, and even before, I knew I had come to the right place. I would recommend Steff and Dessa, one million times over!!!!!!