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We are not running any holiday promotions for our services. Throughout the entire month we have been offering decreased deposits and payment plans on our services. To increase the incentives we already offer year round, we are giving you no deposits due until January 3rd for shoots booked in 2018. If your deposit is not paid by January 3rd with a signed contract, your session will be cancelled with no questions asked. 


Fill out the form below, an invoice and contract will be sent to you with a due date of January 3rd. Please indicate which shoot you desire. 

The Delicate our shoot featuring 2 wardrobe looks $275 with a required deposit of 150 or The Classic our 4 look shoot with styling included, $550 with a required deposit of $200. The Delicate does not include styling but can be added, just ask. The Classic does include full hair and makeup styling. 

Name *
Phone must include. No phone number no return messaged *
Phone must include. No phone number no return messaged

DISCLAIMER PLEASE READ *******No deposit due until January 3rd. Invoices will be sent on December 31st, 2017. You choose your shoot now, we get your name on the books after your deposit is paid, IF your deposit is paid. You can say YES now and change your mind. No questions asked. 

You must use the form on the website. You must sign a contract and return your deposit invoice by January 3rd. If you pay your invoice you will be contacted to schedule your shoot. If you don't, no hard feelings. The timing isn't right and I am a big big believer in timing. 

This is not for Valenetine's Day. Shoots with the delayed deposit will be booked between March 1st and June 1st. 2018