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Boudoir shoot. Blah blah blah. Are you even reading these words? 

I kid I kid. Kinda.

This shoot. This girl. This day. These photographs. This whole day. 

During your session I will coach you through the entire process. From your eyes to your toes. From the arch in your back, the softness of your wrist and even your breaths. I will coach you through a series of emotions, while encouraging you into certain body languages.

I call this flirting. Think about this for just a moment. Flirting is about your non-verbal communication. In still photographs, the communication is all non-verbal. So, we have to flirt in order to make your images communicate with the viewer. 

I demonstrate everything. I never ever leave you hanging. I am your mirror. Your model. We will do everything together. This girl, on this day, not only did she flirt back with me, she may have actually out flirted me.  

She met my 100% and ran with it. Good for me, but BANANAS for her! This meant that nearly every single photo I took during her 2 hour long session, made the cut! Silly as it may feel to play vampy coy and to repeat the rhythm of my breath, this is the end result.



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