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Things have been so insane that I have been tempted that I thought maybe I will just blog photos. I will let my readers fill in the blank. Just share the images. We have so many unshared shoots sitting here waiting to be loved up on.  So, really, what in the hell is going on that we are so busy. To busy to wax poetic and post our girlfriends?

We are moving. The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir is moving. We've been busy setting up house in a space that is several times the size of our previous home. The Smallman St. studio was our home for nearly 4 years, give or take. I ran all over that building discovering new nooks and crannies every chance I had. Eventually, that was asked to stop but I just couldn't survive in our little white box anymore. I started to look for new space all over the city. 

During what can only be described as one of the roughest 18 hour periods of my life. Yes, really. Not the, just one of. Got it? So anyhow, the rug was pulled out from under me. Basically, the big bad universe decided to force to me stretch and answer questions, do things I'd never do, cry in front of people I'd never cry in front of, ask for what I needed and then it made me hold myself accountable for what I was saying I want and before I knew it the studio was basically homeless with a finite number of days to find a new space. With a packed summer schedule, kids off of school and life to juggle; I found us a new home. Just a few blocks away. Sometimes when you dream big and don't move fast enough, you get a kick in the pants.


To that end, for the next 7 days, to show my love to my clients and the Smallman St. studio that was our home. I will be sharing previously unseen boudoir shoots. 

Day 1!

This bride to be booked our Delicate Shoot. She came prepared to work! We hit the ground running and to say she gave a super sexy album to her groom to be on her wedding day is an understatement. 

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