The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir, Boudoir Photographer Pittsburgh

***Images have been removed. 

I have a really hard time following any sort of rule. Of course, I am not the kind of rule breaker that doesn't know the rules. I hate those ignorant assholes. I like to know the rule, you know, because I like to know stuff. Then, I like to say fuck it. 


Sometimes I shoot all light and bright and pretty. Sometimes I shoot dark as hell. Sometimes I use a bed. Sometimes I use a dirty warehouse. Sometimes I use natural light. Sometimes I use studio lighting. And sometimes, I do everything I am supposed to do and then break all the rules on the same. Because why the hell not?

You're going to see more of this sassy minx. I can hear her laugh, as I type that. She was Dessa's favorite transformation of the year. Dessa says Bridget Bardot and I say Claudia Schiffer, it is an on going battle. Hands down the most playful girl we've had the pleasure of working with! This was a pure play date. These weren't wardrobe changes they were costume changes! Hair and make makes you feel some sort of way. What you wear should too! She brought a lot of stuff. She had a good sense of what she wanted but after we laid it all out on the bed, it was easy to see what her stand out items were!

+bridal look-full corset, stockings, jewelry and dress

+vampy-high waisted black panty and bra, with eventual peel back of bra

+raw-thong only

+a little boho- her last look included a beautiful bathing suit coverup/kimono that was just exploding with color.

This is her actual wedding dress. My nerves were on high alert. Then you had in some Agent Provocateur lingerie that cost more than my car payment?!?!?!???! Pretty sure I felt like I might rip it, stain it or ruin in it in some sort of catastrophe/ I want different looks and moods to your boudoir session with The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir. You are a fierce woman, with many different sides, let's play to all of them. 

I was and am still so obsessed with her body. She is a runner, but she has the strongest legs and that back! We all know by now, a back is my weakness. I love me a back. Petite and so so so strong. And when I say runner. I have to say this. I might have sent her a snapcat and told her STOP RUNNING on her honeymoon and do dirty things with her husband instead. Because, there was lots of running, in beautiful places.