Boudoir Photographer Pittsburgh, The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir Studio

This was one of the final shoots held in the Smallman studio. No one wears sweat more beautifully than this girl! You can't even tell that she was melting. Trooper doesn't even begin to describe her. This space was located next door to my studio and used to house a MMA gym, from time to time I would have access to the spaces and I never took that for granted. The light coming in was always flawless. I love the contrast of the beautiful woman, feminine lingerie with the roughness of the rest of the room.

I love to shoot my clients from a little farther way before I come to invade their personal space. Using the large room with a long lens always creates a more voyeuristic feel to your boudoir photos.  I know the new space will easily replicate this feel with its towering ceilings, brick walls and wood floors.