The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir, Boudoir Photographer Pittsburgh

Everyone asks how I came to be a boudoir photographer which always leads us to why did I choose boudoir photography. I can admit to trying every other genre of portrait work you can find but none of them felt fulfilling.

It was a slow build. It is really pretty hard to ask your girlfriends to get naked in front of a camera for you. I don't care how fit a body appears on the outside, the woman living inside of it has at least one insecurity. No matter how curvy and awesome, the woman on the inside of those swerving lines is afraid of at least one of her body parts. It is very natural. It is normal. It is even healthy. Yes. I believe that. Being aware of your body, what you like and what you don't can lead you on a great journey of finding out how capable your body is which makes your body more about what it can do than how it looks.

Every time I worked with a new friend, model or a client, I learned something new. Every single time. That became addicting. After a while, all the other forms of photography just started to fall to the side. I still love shooting families, on my own terms but that is something I do more for pleasure. I still enjoy film too but what feeds my soul is working with women. To show them that their bodies are masterpieces. To prove to you that your husbands are right when they tell you that you are sexy. 

Every woman is curious. Every woman has a spark of hope. Every woman is nervous. I love the honor of being trusted with that curiosity, hope and fear. Not many of us can hand over our issues but my clients trust me in a way that I could never find words to describe. In the years of working with all shapes and sizes, I feel very confident about my abilities to pose and direct a woman through her shoot. 

This particular woman has undergone a personal transformation that has reshaped her entire life. Is a boudoir shoot something she ever thought she would do? No, but her journey lead her to here. Finding your way to this type of a shoot varies but no matter what your motivation, I still find it motivating to be blessed with your trust. She was incredibly soft spoken when she first came in. All of her movements were with intention. She was one of the few clients this year who curled up with one of my cats during her styling. They snuggled and she slowly opened up! Her story is a personal one and not mine to share. But I will leave you with this. Transformation often leads you to boudoir photography and boudoir photography often spurs transformation. I am happy to have been one of the stops on her beautiful journey.