Couples Boudoir Photography, Couples Erotica in Pittsburgh, PA

So you want a couples boudoir session with The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir? But you've got some burning questions.


This post is going to fix all that! These are our most popular couples erotica sessions questions! Warning. This might get a little graphic. If you've hung in past the implied sexual acts and nipples, keep reading, you can handle it.

From a man, "What if I get hard?" 

You might. Good for you if you do. You might not and you'll find your self in the company of most men. There is a lot of direction being given to you both throughout the session. Rarely, do we know how to be photographed intimately, let alone when we are actually being intimate. Erections happen and they don't happen. There is no shame if one doesn't come on the scene.

From a woman, "I was originally thinking of a shoot on my own, but maybe a couples session could be fun. Will I have any photos alone?"

Totally. I will shoot each of you alone while the other is close by. It relaxes the men to watch their partners and it excites women to watch their men. Most men come in as the more nervous of the pair. Focusing on each of you alone will give us more options at your Image Premiere. I will then bring you back together and separate you several times during the shoot to build anticipation and emotion in your photographs

Him. "Can we have sex?" This is our favorite questions. Mainly because I am kinda evil and also because every single man has asked this. Every single one.

Can you? Yes. Did I just say that? Did you just gasp? Let me explain. Everyone asks. No one has.  The long and short of it. (I hope you read this in my tone) ;) I think I am funny. The sessions works out to be about 2 hours of foreplay for your girl. At which point, we all become power queens and will delight slightly in your torture. You'll be ready to go whether you've become visibly turned on or not, you'll also be fucking ravenous and be needing a sandwich. And her back will hurt.  So what you'll really want is to get your rocks off and have a snack and a nap. So if come the end of 2 hours, you're still feeling fresh out of the gate and she isn't ego tripping too hard from all the fun she is having, you can have sex. It will however be the fastest orgasm you've ever had outside of puberty in a room 3 women, 2 of which will have cameras. But every man asks, and every man thinks he will be the viral stud who shatters our streak of men who are mostly ready for lunch.

Her. "How much is implied and how far do we really go?"

The majority of everything is implied as far as a photograph actually looking as though you are being sexual. However, you are absolutely allowed to touch, kiss, caress, stroke, squeeze, pull.....any physical interaction you would normally share with your partner you will still be directed and encouraged to share during the session. We will direct you to maybe alter some of those interactions so as to better accommodate the creation of beautiful photograph. This isn't pornography, it isn't even soft-core. I pretty much hate the word boudoir and feel the most honest calling it erotica. A couples session will excite both of you. Will be one hell of a shared experience but will not embarrass you when you're 98. Raunchy isn't my bag, baby. 

Him and Her, "Are couples sessions more expensive?" Nope! Email for more information regarding couples booking information and pricing.