Boudoir Photographer Pittsburgh, Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh

Use me!!! Take full advantage of me! What do you want? What do you need? How can I help!? 

Getting ready for your shoot can be a bit overwhelming. First, you're doing research to find your boudoir photographer. Then you have to decide if you can reallllllly commit to a boudoir shoot.

Pinterest isn't always your friend. The visual clutter that Pinterest can contribute to your vision for your shoot can significantly screw up your session. Lots of 20 year old, implanted, photoshopped, hardbodies might be fun to look at but they can either make you feel like you can't do this, or they will give you unrealistic expectations of what your session will produce.

There are so many articles about how to prepare, what to buy etc that you might think you are totally cool and prepped for your shoot! Your best resource to prepare for your boudoir shoot, is your photographer!

If you are here, I hope that I am your photographer. My clients receive a welcome magazine before booking as well as a lingerie guide. You'll also be invited to our private, Women's only facebook group. You can join too.

You just have to be a woman!

What is the one point of contact that is wildly under utilized?

Your telephone!

Pick up the phone! Give me a call! 

This client is a stellar example of how to use me!!!! We talked on the phone several times, even before she decided to move forward with a shoot. She called and our first phone conversation was almost an hour. She took some time to decide if she was a ready for a shoot and if my studio was her boudoir fit! When she was ready, we were waiting for her! We talked about wardrobe would flatter her, how to create variety within her options and why certain items work and why some do not. How to create a more styled vision and have some creativity with her wardrobe.

She is a mother of 5!!! And a grandmother! And a bride! She busted her butt to get ready for her shoot, she wanted to lose 25 lbs and did she ever!!!!  


So what wardrobe tips did I provide to her that helped her prepare for her boudoir shoot!

1. Consider a body suit. On trend. Crazy stupid flattering for most body types. She choose one with a lace up front that was able to be undone a bit to expose her shape more, or done all the way up to to pull the eyes upward.

2. Non-lingerie items. The vest and the cowboys boots are both personal items that have meaning for her! Always shop your closet first for what you have the might work for a shoot. She booked our Classic session which comes with 3 solid looks, but with variation. We styled her with her personal non-lingerie items and then removed those items to create variation to her photographs. When all was said and done, she appears to have 5 different wardrobe looks to her shoot because of the variations we include!

3. Bra's with interesting necklines. Breasts lose fullness and pushup bras can be real assholes. You don't want your breasts to "dish" outward. Halter bra's, strappy bra's, cage bra's can all highlight your bust line without looking like your breast is spilling out of the cup. Your girls will look more youthful, even if they appear less large than you would like, if you are willing to try something other than the mega-foam padded tit pillows that you think you need.

We do this everyday! Ask us anything and everything! We are here to help you!