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This is a mega huge bad ass blog post because, it is my blog and I can do what I wanna and because this beautiful girl said I could share her images with you! Can we all just give her a round of applause for rocking the shit out of her shoot?!?! A modern day sassy Marilyn vibe!

Boudoir shoots have been growing in popularity over the past few years. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to have a shoot. The girls that come to The Girlfriend Experience boudoir range from brides to new moms to women celebrating retirement and beating cancer. 

Whatever your reason is for wanting to shoot with The GFE Boudoir you can find a shoot that fits your needs. We have two options for you and I want to share a little bit more about what those shoots include so even if you aren't ready to book your shoot right now, you can be empowered by knowing your options.

You will choose between The Classic and The Delicate.

The Classic Session is just that, our classic boudoir experience; including professional hair and makeup styling. 3-4 wardrobe changes plus a nude or implied nude set. 2+ hours of photography with full emotional and physical direction throughout your session.

The Delicate Session is a more petite shoot for your boudoir experience. 1-2 wardrobe looks. No styling, you are welcome to do your own or if you'd still like professional services we can add these onto your shoot. The Delicate lasts roughly an hour and comes with the same guidance as The Classic. 

Either of our options will yield you plenty of images to choose from to create the product of your choice. Albums and USB drives are our most popular offerings but we also offer wall art and specialty items. All of which you can see, touch and choose when you are invited back to the studio after your shoot for your Image Premiere.  We are a full service boudoir photography studio. From your first contact with us either via email or telephone to the delivery of your products, we will answer all of your questions and help you make the best decision for archiving your photographs.

Still have a couples questions? I want to hear from you! Click through to contact us now.

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