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Everyone will experience nerves. Your boudoir shoot is basically a blind date. Think about it. Maybe you found me because of a friend, or you stumbled across The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir on facebook, instagram, pinterest or maybe on the good old world wide web. Either way, it all started with a trepidatious email. You told me a little about yourself, why you wanted your boudoir shoot experience. You let me know which days work best for you then you gave me your phone number. Sounds a lot like a blind date to me. The day finally comes and you're pretty sure you're going to chicken out. Nerves are part of this. A big part. 

Nerves make me excited! Nerves are the underlying emotion to excitement! You're so nervous because you know this is a really big deal and everyone gets excited about something that is a really big deal!

The key is to be able to harness your nerves into something that inspires you. Take the nerves and turn them into motivation. Prove to yourself that just because you're scared of something doesn't make you shouldn't do it. 

She was shaking like a leaf. Her voice cracked a touch here and there. She kept encouraging Dessa and I to take our time, we need not rush on her account. It was really adorable.  Her stall tactics were bound to run out. Somewhere between, "I think I might vomit." and "Is it really over?" We made our own sort of magic, between my direction and her power to take ahold and say "Fuck you nerves" we shot for a couple of hours, took come coffee and donut breaks, laughed a whole hell of a lot and created some seriously gorgeous boudoir photography together