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 I have thought long and hard about posting A's boudoir images from her boudoir shoot in Pittsburgh, PA at The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir Strip District location. Of course my favorites aren't even included. For a the longest time I couldn't figure out what it was about this shoot that made it stick out in my mind. The studio has been so busy that blogging hasn't been an option, but these images needed to be in the light of day.


These images are different becuase of her level of commitment. Every clients gets the same amount of attention from me, but she booked on a whim and we just sort forced everything to fall into place. She was aware that her preparation period was different, that our communications were different. A boudoir shoot is new for 99% of my clients. Wearing lingerie and not dropping on the floor seven minutes later is different for my clients.

This is collaborative. You, me, the stylist. We have to communicate. With photography our communication is non verbal. Your body, your face, the light--all have to speak to the viewer. 

Her understanding of this was unparalleled. I will model every pose, expression, emotion, breath, eye line....I am right there with you. 200%. Most women feel inhibited, that is fine, I don't need to be matched 200 for 200. My 200 is meant to illicit 75% and to push you as close to 100% as we can get together. 

She went all in. She surpassed my wildest expectations! Boudoir shoots are fun, they are even more fun if you set your intention and then really flirt with your edge, (yes, I am talking yoga to you.) This isn't about what you can do but more about where you are; in the moment you are in front of my camera.

This might just be a once in a lifetime thing or you'll become addicted!


Photos removed because exes are exploitive douchebag assholes.