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A little back arch and little toe point looks good on everybody!


The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir has been working with so many phenomenal women these days. I am perfectly cool with the universe sending me all of these warriors. Women that don't give a fuck about pretty. Satin and lace is fine for other girls. These are bad-ass women who want to be a part of something bigger than pretty pictures. Women that want to feel. Women that want to illustrate. Women are ok with being sexual. Women who enjoy causing a stir. Bold women. Bold women who dare to say, "I feel everything, I want to give everything, I want to experience everything..." 

My work is definitely evolving, again. The website is going to be getting a facelift. There are going to be more ways for you to get into the studio for your own Girlfriend Experience. Blogging has been taking a back seat but we do have a Facebook Group that is always running. The group is for WOMEN only! Please no local photographers. This is a client group.