Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography Studio

Words. I know I need them. I am supposed to take about how the shoot went, how cool the girl was......but all I can do is stare!

 I shoot boudoir and I am the luckiest girl! Seriously, there are days when I am super frustrated because owning your own business can feel like you are asking to be hit over the head over and over. The photography part is the part that keeps me alive and excited. Meeting new women who inspire me. Who each teach me something is why I do this. Walking into the studio and getting to treat another women to an experience she will never forget trumps the logistics of being a business owner. I never have the chance to not be working. I work from home. I work from my phone. I work in the studio but when I have a camera in my hand, that isn't work for me. That is when it is just all about the girl and showing her what her partner sees, that her inner dialogue is an asshole, that she is all the things she wishes she were. 


I want in on the boudoir action!

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