The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir, Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer

I have asked a few clients recently if they could share their experience. What brought them research boudoir, what it was like, how they felt during their session and after, etc. This is an incredibly vulnerable experience and I want women to understand that each woman has her own reasons for doing a session and therefore, the impact each woman feels will be different. What has been universal for all the women who  moved forward with a boudoir session for themselves has been that they are changed, forever.

*I identify deeply with this client. She shared with me that she suffered from postpartum depression; as did I, with my first child. Becoming a mother is something there is no preparation for. No mater how much love you have for your partner and your child, feelings that you don't understand can arise. Please seek help. Adjusting to new parenthood and all emotions are natural but that doesn't mean we all can't use a little more support.

As I sit down and write this blog post, I find myself crying and having to start again. Going through a boudoir photo session wasn't something I ever imagined doing. But when I was on the verge of leaving my family because I didn't feel appreciated, sexy, or myself I did some research. I started to Google Mommy blogs, how make me sexy, what can I do to make my husband love me, etc. That's when I stumbled on a boudoir photography shoot. So, I looked up studios in Pittsburgh and The Girlfriend Experience was the one I felt comfortable reaching out to. Fast forward to the day of the shoot....I was soooo nervous. I got my hair and makeup done and Dessa did an amazing job. I'm not one to wear a lot of make-up and she made me look natural but beautiful. Once almost done, Stephanie, this gorgeous blonde, walks in so excited to meet me in person. I had a zillion clothes with me. She took a look at my wardrobe and narrowed it down to what would be best for me and what would look great on camera. I started out almost fully clothed and I'm not kidding by the end I was completely naked in a grey satin sheet. 
Stephanie made me feel like a sexy, beautiful woman. She made me comfortable when I was in a really vulnerable state. I think that every woman needs to go a photo session like this. When I saw the photos a month later I was blown away. I never knew what I looked like from man's point of view. Holy cow!!! The photos were unbelievable. Stephanie did an outstanding job!! 
If I had to do it all over again, the only thing I would change is talk to Steph on the phone. If I knew what to expect I might have been a little bit more at ease. I was afraid of being judged with my mommy belly but Steph is a mom as well and had the same insecurities I did. After the session we talked about my postpartum depression I went through and dove deeper into why I wanted to have a boudoir photo session. 
I am so happy I did it. I am so happy I met Stephanie. Seeing these pictures, seeing myself in this vulnerable state that I was in, I now know that I'm sexy and beautiful and an amazing woman.