Intimate Couples Engagement Photography, Pittsburgh Save The Dates

Trust, y'all, I could wax poetic about this session for days. Clearly, I have a slight obsession. You can tell by the number of images included below. This is me showing restraint. I really want to blog every fucking photograph we made this night. I've had plans to photograph this couple since last year, wait, no, year before last, 2014. Or maybe it was just really really early 2015, Either way, just the way she spoke about him, made me want to photograph them together. I finally had my opportunity when she asked if I could photograph them for their save the dates. Photographing non-boudoir sessions, is something I only do very rarely, just to catch my breath. I am not the do it all photographer. I actually think the do it all photographer doesn't exist. Not every one does it all well.  I was so so nervous. I knew she wanted something intimate, something close. She put my fears to bed by saying, "Who better to photograph intimacy than a boudoir photographer?" How amazing is that?!?!?

I couldn't love this session more. Their connection is what makes these photos. This is exactly what they'd look like if my camera and I hadn't been in the room. Honestly. You really want to hate them but I'll be damed if they aren't two of the kindest people. I can point you to so many ridiculously amazing wedding photographers in this city but it was such an enormous blessing to get to spend time experimenting and hanging out with this couple.

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