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A large portion of my days spent not in the studio photographing my bodacious clients means, I am at home fielding questions from women who are craving their own boudoir photography experience. I know there are a few of you out there that aren't even ready to make the call to ask the questions.


I dedicate this blog post to you; the curious woman...


How far in advance do you book boudoir sessions?

I always suggest to my clients that we have your boudoir shoot 6-8 weeks prior to the date that you'd like to gift your images that way we still have time to give you and your shoot the utmost care. We can shoot, edit/retouch, premiere, order and anticipate delivery comfortably and without stress with an 8 week window. Stress gives me zits and wrinkles. Not worth it, babe!

pittsburgh boudoir photographer

Where will my boudoir shoot take place?

I have a fantastic little studio located in The Strip District. 90% of my shoots occur here but if you've got a rad home or want to book a hotel; let's do it! I love the challenge of working in new spaces and creating something totally unique for you!

pittsburgh boudoir photographer

I want hair and makeup. Do you have one? Is it included?

Yes!! I work with the amazing Dessa Marie and Brittany Leshan who are both amazing hair and makeup stylists. I also have a super talented woman if you only want to add hair services to your shoot. When you book our Classic shoot, hair and makeup services are included as part of the session. We offer a smaller session, The Delicate that does not include styling services but can be added if you wish!

pittsburgh boudoir photographer

What do I wear? Do you provide wardrobe?

I do keep a supplemental wardrobe on hand in the studio to help flush out what you will bring. If you don't have much, treat yourself to something fierce but also remember, naked and implied nudity are damn fine options!

pittsburgh boudoir photographer

How long will my boudoir shoot last?

This depends. Our Classic session is an all day affair. On average 4 hours but we've gone to 6. The Classic shoot is meant to cover all the bases, to leave no stone un turned, to melt your makeup, make your back hurt and once you leave you will have left it all on the floor. The Classic isn't just a photo shoot, it is an experience! We also offer a smaller session, The Delicate. This shoot gets you photographed in an hour, so you can sneak off, do something a little hush hush and have a surprise that will make jaws drop!

pittsburgh boudoir photographer

I don't know how to pose? I am scared of looking ridiculous!

Me either! Turn the camera on me and I swear everything I know slips between my fingers! This is normal if you aren't a model! The good news is, I will coach, direct, act out, reenact, coax, bribe, taunt and maybe even literally move your limbs where I want them.....then I will do the same for the emotions because WHAT THE FUCK is a good pose worth with a dead face? You might totally feel ridiculous. I can guarantee we will collapse in heaps of giggles many times during your shoot, the photos might be serious business but when it comes down to it, we are just enjoying ourselves to create something beautiful and that is FUN!

pittsburgh boudoir photographer

What if I don't want you to share my images?

(insert puppy dog eyes) This happens. Most of the time. I want to share, damnit. I also understand. I would love if you'd let me share a little something although I know sometimes that isn't possible because of your profession or your partner or YOUR MOM. I only ask this, that you remember how you felt when this idea popped into your head and how you looked for a woman that looked like you. You needed validation that you could do this too. Curvy girls want to see curvy girls. Mamas wanna see other rockin' mamas. Small busted blessed women are looking for their cup size. I will abide by your wishes, we can compromise and I will respect you just as I expect you to respect us!

pittsburgh boudoir photographer

Can I bring a friend? 

I want to tell you yes. I won't give you a definite yes. I will only warn you. Your ass, breasts, stretch marks, cellulite, zits could be on display. Your baby making parts might get flashed or touched. If your friend gets jealous because you look so damn hot, or if she is the friend that points out your flaws.....I will remove her from my studio. If she talks about something I don't like, I will shut her down. No one messes with our mojo. The shoot is about you and your comfort level with me and no one else. I've had incredibly timid women who swore they'd not get nude with me, strip down and walk around like it was the most natural thing in the world for her. With me, naked happens, with me incredible closeness and comfort will happen; It is my 7th sense, I guess. If you aren't so comfortable with this friend that you'd want her in the room with us, leave her at home. But if she is your cheerleader, I can't wait to meet her!


I am sure you have more questions! There are always more questions. 

Hit me up. Let's talk about your desires for boudoir shoot with The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir! You can find us on Facebook and Instagram . My email is always ready for ya. steff@stephaniewellsphotography. 

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