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It was one of the hottest days of the year. We started a little earlier in the day to accommodate for the heat. It didn't matter one single bit and if mother nature hadn't blasted us with skyrocketing temps, this woman was brought her own. In our emails before her session, she flatly asked me what was expected of her! We can talk about your shoot for ages and it could never happen. I want to plan your dream shoot with you, I want you to get excited and bubble over when the day finally comes. I've never said to a client I expected x y and z.

She was being forward so I decided to meet here where she was with her expectations. I told her I wanted her to be open and willing to flirt back, that I would give her direction, that no matter how serious something may feel, what we are really doing is playing off of one another. She hung on to every word, when I gave an incorrect direction, she followed.

It was like riding a wave together. In 1 hours time we had accomplished an entire days worth of work together. We were both sweaty messes and I was sitting there wondering what had just happened! A total whirlwind of a boudoir shoot whipped my butt and opened my eyes! If you want to know how my eyes have been opened! You have to email me and ask about booking The Delicate steff@stephaniewellsphotography.com. Feel free to use the contact form, find us on Facebook or even through IG!