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From time to time, a woman will share so openly with me that she instantly becomes part of me. I've cried more than once after hearing their stories. Connecting with women happens to be my super power! I always want to give every woman I meet a safe place in my friendship and in my studio. We only get one life and I never want to cause anyone any more hurt and not allowing a persons fears and experiences to be a part of who they are will stifle them. Coming to the decision to allow yourself to be photographed in your most vulnerable state takes bravery; the kind of courage many women question if they have or not. . Lately, I've been having my own personal crisis. I am going through a divorce. The universe have sent in so many women going through the same emotional shift in their own lives that I am finding myself inspired by how they are handling this moment in their history. 

So many brides have boudoir shoots to evoke passion from their soon to be husbands but the divorced woman is trying to awaken herself. If you've never experienced divorce or been a support to someone who has, this may not make any sense to you. Divorce has a way of making you feel empowered and crippled all at the same time. You place expectations on yourself that are completely irrational. You become hyper aware of your every feeling. You want so much to be cared for in ways that you've been missing for a long time. Having a boudoir shoot is a tremendous act of self care. We first have to demonstrate to ourselves that we are worthy of feeling beautiful, passionate and excited before we can ever share those qualities with another partner. Breaking up with a partner or a divorce is to survive the death of the potential future with a person you once thought completed you and you expected to experience so much with. Only this other person will be able to continue with their life and gain happiness and experience that has nothing to do with you. In order for you to realize that you too will gain your happiness and have so many experiences you have to first allow yourself to indulge in a world where only you loves you, supports you and cheers you on. 

I've seen women married for 30 years start over. Young women split from high school sweethearts. Men just never come home. Kids say 'we are better off'. I've been absolutely astonished by such admirable women who look at me and say, "This is me. With my pain. Broken promises. Scars. Freakish optimism and fear. But I am all I have. I come first now." There is nothing quite like unexplainable pain to bring your focus back to yourself. To all these amazing women who have come to me, THANK YOU! Thank you for letting me be part of your journey. For being a part of my journey and for inspiring me. xoxo