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I intended for this to be a boudoir blog sneak peek for this righteous little bad ass! I am fawning all over her images and really just want to post every single piece of magic we created together during her Pittsburgh Boudoir shoot with The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir. 

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I really should post a photo of her face after seeing the magic that Dessa graced her face with during her beauty styling! I'll just have to get another blog post brewing! This woman really has a transformative quality to her. She walked in very self assured and at ease, when her makeup and hair were complete she gasped like a little kid. It was adorable! After her reveal I showed her to the first wardrobe selection and began. She transformed again and again. Each new outfit or lack of, brought me a new model!

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I have no doubt I will be bringing you another share from this woman. To be continued.....

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