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We had started planning her session a few years back. Life got in the way and we decided to put the idea for her boudoir shoot on hold. I remember the email where she apologized and apologized again and again. Things happen, I really do appreciate that life is a juggling act. She promised that when she could work out all the details she would only have her boudoir shoot with me. When her name showed up in my email, I jumped out of my chair.  People say things but you never really know... Telling a photographer that you will only work with them like whispering lovely beautiful private things in our ears. We will blush and feel flattered for days. She kept her promise and I really can't express what that meant to me! I was so excited to work with her the first time so, naturally when we needed to shelve the idea, I felt a little defeated. In the end it worked out for the best. I am a better photographer now, and she continued to follow my work which only increased her excitement. We had our opportunity at just the right time! 



You were worth the wait.