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2 years. This shoot was 2 years in the making! My mind is just blown by the fact that her shoot FINALLY happened! Her sister in law had a boudoir shoot with The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir in March of 2013. She saw the images and thought having her own boudoir shoot might be something she wanted to do for herself at some point. She messaged me though our Facebook page and told me that she would one day come in. 

With a little encouragement and some consistent urging and of course the knowledge that deep deep down, that she is beautiful and worth indulging herself she took the leap. She has someone in her life but she was adamant, this is for her! She is the mama of daughters and knows that loving herself is the best way to educate her little ladies about self esteem!

The shoot isn't just the shoot. It is the time you take to yourself to think about how you want to be seen, how you want to be photographed. During our shoot prep I got a very enthusiastic email about a pair of jeans! She was shopping for wardrobe for her boudoir shoot but ended up treating herself to the most expensive pair of jeans she's ever purchased and was most in love with how they made her feel! She never would have even looked twice at a pair of jeans with that price tag before.

She was starting this transformation of from good enough to what she deserves. We all want to feel good in our jeans and it doesn't matter what they cost but sometimes you put limits on what you think you can do, buy, think, etc. You limit yourself because of some other experience in your life. As a mom, she gives to others and doesn't always to herself. She turned to those jeans because she was giving herself permission to be the one she gives to. She was already feeling the power of new pretty lingerie and her thinking had made the jump from  No to Maybe. Once she slipped them up she moved from Maybe to Yes. 

Yes to feeling good. Yes to looking good. Yes to treating herself. Yes to feeling proud of who she is! 

Helllllllllo Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!