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One of the most fun aspects of working with this client is she took her role as a co-collaborator very very seriously! I encourage every woman to think of this as a collaboration. I want you to feel like you are participating in creating your shoot. You are in charge of how you want to be seen when you work with The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir. The wardrobe you select to bring with you the day of your session will help dictate the tone of your images. Light bright and airy pieces will help produce softer photographs vs. the darker images a pair of handcuffs would contribute to. This client really got her head in the game in regards to what could she do to take charge of the way she would be seen. The wardrobe ran the gamut from pencil skirts and longline bra's to a super flirty workout ensemble. She thought about everything, even how the length of her hair would be used to our advantage! This is just the first sampling from our time together!