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"I only looked at your website once. No one looked like me."

I shared this post on our Facebook last week, "A conversation in my studio yesterday got me thinking. My client said she took the plunge in the middle of the night. She looked at my website only once and couldn't look again because NO ONE LOOKED LIKE HER! Here is the reality.

You Fear that because you're curvier, super lean, very tall, itty bitty tiny, older, much older, you think you're oddly shaped, you don't have perfect teeth, you have some acne, stretch marks, don't have great lingerie, afraid someone will see.. that your photographs won't be awesome. I don't care if you won't let me share. I love the privilege but for me the honor is photographing you and showing you that YOU are AWESOME and so is your BODY!

Not every client will let me share. The reasons are personal and professional and then there is FEAR. You share your fears with other women who afraid to make the leap as well! 

She went from "No one looked like me."

To being the woman who said I could share! If you're afraid, someone else is too! If you've conquered your fear, share your story.

On Insta and of FB I've been using the hashtag, #fuckperfect

#fuckperfect because your thighs might always touch, your hair may never be fuller, you might never find the magical lingerie, you might never like your nose, because eyebrows are sisters and not twins, because who cares what your mother, neighbor,cousin,co-worker thinks, #fuckperfect because all boobs are awesome boobs, because today is as young as you'll ever be again, because your body is going to keep changing for better and for worse, because what the fuck is perfect anyway? 


I think feeling beautiful is a side effect of feeling powerful. Daring to allow yourself to be sexy is powerful. Daring to charge forward in spite of fear is powerful. Commitment is powerful. 

Are you ready to #fuckperfect?