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We kept looking for ways to photograph her for longer! We were falling head over heels in love with the energy this beauty so willingly shared with us on the day of her pittsburgh boudoir shoot! Her excitement was palpable! Nerves are so common and perfectly normal, but she walked in and was just ready! She humored me at every turn and would bust out laughing when I would demonstrate the poses. She laughed so hard  at one point while holding a pose... I only will fold you into if you let is slip that you've done some yoga once or twice and yelled, "I am shaking! I am going to fall!" Even being so uncomfortable she had the best attitude! By the time I had left the studio for the day she had written this review for The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir on our Facebook page, "I absolutely loved this! I had such a fun time and NEVER felt insecure. Stephanie makes makes you feel sexy and beautiful. Definitely would recommend to anyone!"

Go I go back in time and relive this shoot over!? More to come!