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What an incredible year this has been. The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir has welcomed so many fantastic women and couples into our studio. To get to be a part of someone’s life is a huge gift that I will never take for granted. From the women moving into to their lives as newly married women, the women who are rediscovering who they are after divorce, to the women who are taking charge of their health after devastating illness and to the couples who wanted to find new levels of intimacy within their relationships, we’ve been there with all of these women as they find out they are more powerful than they’ve ever given themselves credit for.

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My boudoir studio is like my second home. I want every to feel as comfortable here as possible. Being vulnerable take a lot of courage and being entrusted in this way has shown me that my own vulnerability is a gift and I hope to get to share with you all even more in 2016. Looking back, it is really hard to believe thatI’ve had the privilege of photographing 70 clients!

The GFE Boudoir Pittsburgh

In the beginning of the year, my goals were simple. Just to be able to keep doing what I love and demonstrating to my children that your route in life doesn’t have to be traditional to be rewarded.  My beautiful studio-mate decided that she no longer needed a space of her and I fully took over our little white box studio in The Strip District., this coming year I am hoping to expandmy studio further.  Dessa has worked with me side by side this year on all but a few shoots.  She represents a great energy that really wants women to see themselves as the remarkable women that they are. This year has been an incredible journey both personally and professionally. I’ve already received fantastic news about 2016 that will surely bring more opportunity for The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir.

I've loved every one of of my women. You've each given me something I could never thank you enough for. xoxoxox

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