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This post has been in the making for a very long time now. I have a thing for makeup artists, well, it isn't so much a thing as it an envy of their talents. The good ones, I mean. Everyone's cousin, sister, baby sister thinks they are a makeup artist. In fact you can be sure that if someone tells me one of the above relatives is a "makeup artist" my poker face goes out the window. I just. Can't.  I am of the camp that "Instagram Makeup" is not really makeup and that just because you can turn your own face out, doesn't mean that you can work the same magic on another face, let alone, a brand new face every day. 

It took me several years to find Dessa. She actually is a "cousin." I was dreading it. I've had blue eyeshadow show up along with left over halloween lashes because someones cousin is a makeup artist. Look, I won't even speak to a sales girl in Sephora unless she measures up. I am bad. Why? Because makeup artist, a real makeup ARTIST can and will look fantastic with next to nothing on her skin--even if her skin isn't perfect. When I saw that first face, I was sold. It was dramatic but not muddy, it was a lot of makeup but it was seamless, the presentation was perfect. 

So back to Dessa. One of the things that really caught my attention was her tidiness. I make more of a mess getting ready in my bathroom. All of her products are super clean and very organized.  She doesn't have to dig or hunt for something. All like items are stored with like items. Her brushes are washed after each client. Nothing infuriates me more than when a makeup artist shows up with filthy brushes. 

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography

We also share similar makeup philosophies. 1. SKIN! I need and want to see your skin, not your foundation. I need the least amount of foundation on your face with the maximum impact. 2. Contouring isn't always necessary. I mean the contouring you see everywhere at the moment. A strategically placed highlight and blush can have much more impact that dirty stripes on the cheeks. 3. Eyes are about shape, not so much about color. This one is more me than Dessa! I want every woman to have the biggest eyes possible, I always let the client and Dessa discuss the colors they'd like. I just want bright clean eyes, lots of lashes and great definition. 

I've heard from many clients saying how impressed they were with her set up and her cleanliness. Just like when you walk into the  hair salon and you size up your surroundings and your stylist, the same thing happens with a makeup artist. Fact of the matter is, if having Dessa as your makeup artist is your fist experience with a professional makeup artist, you will be spoiled. 

Clients have returned to hire her for weddings, engagements, parties, girls nights and special occasions.She does boudoir session makeup exclusively for The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir. You can visit her website here, http://www.dessamariemakeupartist.com/ to hire her for anytime you just want that little something extra!

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