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A boudoir shoot is a celebration of yourself, of where you life has brought you, of who shares your life with you and to where your life is moving toward. Her remarkable ease was truly a gift. An absolute natural beauty, S didn't need a ton of hair and makeup and she didn't need a lot of direction in front of the camera either.  Being able to create these images with her and for her was a blissful way to spend a morning. 

What she had to say about her boudoir shoot with The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir, 


"I have never felt confident or comfortable in my own skin in the privacy of my own home, let alone dressed in my least modest clothing in front of complete strangers. Stephanie and Dessa quickly took away every fear, worry, or apprehensive thought within minutes. When I initially found out about their business, I dreamed about how perfect of a gift it could produce for my love. Which I never believed would be more than a dream, because I could never imagine finding enough confidence to follow through. I gave myself a push, followed through, and I will never regret doing so. The end product is amazing. I never imagined that this experience would give so much back. Do this for him. Do this for you. Just do this!"

xoxoxoxox You rocked it Gorgeous Girl! Thank You for trusting us!