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You have to be able to let it go. There is a surrender that happens when you make the decision to book your boudoir shoot. Your hang ups can be about your body, how your images will look, perhaps your hang up is about how the photographs will be received, or what your friends will think about what you have done. You may worry about not knowing how to pose your body, giving up control over your hair and makeup styling, if you can even show up the day of the shoot. Once you make the decision the next step is the commitment, when your session is booked with The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir we will do everything in our power to make sure we find your comfort zone and then flirt with your edge. Flirting with your edge is something that I've come to learn with my yoga practice. To find that place where you are strong and breathing but pushing your own limit. To find that limit of exactly where you are at this moment and how much further can you go. During your session, I will control your body; you'll have to control your mind. I realize this sounds like some seriously hippy dippy shit but give me a chance here.  You can be guided into poses that feel foreign to your natural body positions, but if you don't show up with your head in the right frame for what we are going to do, you'll feel your resistance rise up. Chances are if you're booking a boudoir shoot, you aren't interested in just looking pretty. You want to look sexy, you want to be hot, you want to feel beautiful, you want to be lusted after, you want to feel desirable....... All these emotions are power. Our emotions are very powerful forces in our lives. I've said it before and I'll say it again, hot is feeling. The feeling of "being hot" last as long the sexy lingerie is on, the lips are polishes and the hair is on point. However if you combine all of the emotions, ephemeral or not; what you will get is an experience you'll never forget. Our experiences become memories that can be recalled and used again and again in our lives....   A boudoir photoshoot with The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir isn't about pretty boudoir anymore. I want you to react to your images, I sure as hell want your partner, if you're doing this partly for him or her to be ignited when they see your images. 


I've seen boudoir photographers take photos of women in flower petals. I think I may have taken a few of those as well. They were pretty. They were nice enough. You deserve more than nice enough. You are undeniably sexy. You are unabashedly powerful.  If you're ready take look at our contact page we'd love to see you in the studio!