Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography, Boudoir Photographer Pittsburgh

I am sharing this little sneak peak of this client's session because she has already viewed her boudoir photographs, her immediate response was, " these are AMAZING! I'm basically crying, they look so good!!!! And I'm not even halfway through!"

I want this moment. I want you to have this moment. Her sentiment is something many women will never say about a collection of images of themselves. I am only sharing a tiny snippet of our time together because she and I have been working on something a little bit different for you.

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography

We've had such a silly relationship since our very first connection so when she pulled out web of fishnet stockings in all sort of patterns, I knew I wanted to try something different! She was all for it! We paired the stockings with a little peachy pink sequined vintage cardigan, that she will be wearing with her wedding dress, for a bit of sexy romance. I love the unexpected pairing of two such items. I also love that these two wardrobe bits are personal to her. Of everything that she brought, that she had selected just for this day, these two were already hers and were already important to her. I want you to treat yourself to something lovely for your session but I also encourage you to take a look at items that mean something to you. 

Boudoir Photographer Pittsburgh