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We love makeup. Dessa and I are both obsessed. If you ask Dessa, makeup can cure just about anything. Bad day?  More makeup. Need more spunk? More makeup. Really excited for your day. More makeup!!

We love makeup! So many of our clients lament that they just don' t know how to apply makeup, so they don't. I can't even imagine that! Beauty is supposed to be fun, if it isn't fun, I get why you don't take the time to apply a face everyday. Makeup can be fun when you feel more confident in your skills. We've decided to tackle some these beauty hurdles to show you how to enjoy switching up your look from time to time!

Let's get our beauty on!!

Cat Eye Tutorial 

1. Products

You'll need an eyelash curler. Stephanie's favorite is the lash curler from Shu Uemura. A gel liner, Dessa used Mac's Blacktrack, a fine point eye liner brush such as the Mac 110 and a liquid liner, we used Mac's.

2./ 3. This is my basic everyday face. Foundation, filled in brows, blush and lipstick. No fancy contouring. No obsessive shadow abuse and not a drop of highlighter. The goal was a basic bace with the oopmh coming from the cat eye. Curl your lashes BEFORE you start the cat eye process. Too many girls curl the lashes after the liner has been applied but the curler will disturb your liner and undo all your hard work!

4. Dessa has a genius tip here; this could save cay eyes all over the world. Wet your liner brush before dipping it into the pot of liner. You want it just barely damp.This creates an extra smooth line. Look downward into a mirror and to the side, as far as you can. 

5./ 6. I struggle with my wing. Take your brush from the lower otter edge and measure to the outter corner of your brown, you want to think of the wing of your cat eye as extension of your LOWER lash line. Did you read that, LOWER! Everyone thinks its the top but it is the lower lash line that determines the angle of your wing.


makeup tutorial cat eye

7. When applying the wing, lift your brush as you reach the end. Lifting the brush lightens the weight of the wing.  You don't want the wing to pull your eye downward.

8. Lashes are optional but why the hell not?!? Not all lashes are created equal. I know they look big and bad in the package but I promise they don't look as enormous on your eyes.

9. Lay the strip against your eye. Chances are the last strip is too long. In my case, I needed to remove 3 lashes from the outer corner of the lash. Always trim from the outer corner, the inside corner is tapered and if you remove that taper, you will give the world a dead giveaway that you've got falsies on. There will not be a smooth transition from your natural lash to the false lash.

10. Dessa's favorite lash glue is the Duo brush on formula. It is electric blue but dries perfectly clear. Brush the glue on to the strip of the false lash. Give the glue about 10 seconds to get tacky before securing the strip to your own lashes. 

11. You have some wiggle room for placement. Do not think that the lashes have to feel tight or "'pressed" in to your lash line. Once you have the lash where you want it, wait a few moments and the glue will adhere with you holding or pushing the lash on. Grab your favorite mascara and blend your own lashes with the fake lashes! You don't need much, just enough to match the color. 

12. Oppsie! Look at that, even professional makeup artists make mistakes! After the lash is secured, take your liquid liner and apply a fresh line, using the original gel line as a guide. This will also camouflage the lash strip. At this point I told Dessa, I wanted a big line. We used the liquid liner to really beef up the thickness of my cat eye. Crap, a mistake?! Now what? We just dabbed a cotton bud into the tiniest drop of makeup remover and pressed it into the bump. Don't rub! Press, then use the dry end to lift the makeup smudge away. After this was finishes, I took an eye shadow brush over my lid with a neutral flesh colored shadow.

makeup tutorial cat eye

Voila!! The finished look! I love a bold cat eye, it is a different look but not one that screams "hey look at my makeup!" Dessa is a genius! Head to the comments and tell us what other beauty woes you have and we will help the best we can!

This is the worlds worst behind the scenes video! Of course I used my cell phone to take this, with my eyes closed. We are goofballs!