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The little body suit that could.

Let's get real here. Long gone are the days where bras and underwear are pretty. Once upon a time, even the basics were pretty. A little white bow. A scalloped strap. We want our our underpinnings to function. Either you want a bra that pushes whatever boobs you do have so high and tight that your 18inch chain necklace looks like a choker. Or you want something that smooths the back fat (raises hand). Or you want comfort, in reality you want a bra that you really never have to take off, you've seen those...sports bras made out of pantyhose material. Those bras, they feel like the tit equivalent of the sweatpants, right? The first place you shop for items to wear for your boudoir shoot is always your own closet. You'll find an amalgam of absolute shit, pieces that don't fit, something your mother bought you, something you bought but never wore, your everyday-get-the-job-done items and something 'He' bought you. I see you, "crotchless fishnet bodystocking". Right then, you question why you are doing this for him at at all because...well...bodystocking. Remind me at your shoot to tell you my crotchless panties joke. Anyhow...... you've hit the bottom of the barrel  in your closet and you hit up that one store at the mall.....and if you're one of the 6% of women who can fit their perfect perky breasts into the overpriced china made boob pillows, you are pretty happy. If you're the rest of the world who have not been the same weight since puberty, you start to feel pretty down on yourself. You want something sexy, but doesn't show everything everywhere. Naked is free, y'all. I am down with naked. Anyhow you want something....you just don't know what....until........

Enter. The Bodysuit.


I am not talking about the waffle weave bodysuit you wore with your colored jeans in 1994.



 Wanna Buy It? Clicky clik!


I am talking about the unexpected sexy sleeper hit that you are going to love. This amazing lacy body suit is a whopping 19.80!!!!! I've sent several clients off to Forever 21. Yes, this is stuff made in China. Yes, most of it is toss-away. But your VS bras are from China too and its up to you. 78 bucks or 20? Right. I love expensive lingerie, I absolutely think it is worth the investment. However, on occasion you find pieces like this one that while not costing a ton, becomes a valuable item!



I've had more than one client pick this body suit up. So why? Why does it work?

There is no compression in body suit. You won't feel like you're squeezed or get any extra bumps. The cups and the wide strap will allow for some double-bagging; if your want extra support and lift. The back is completely sheer, we get that soft haze of the silky fabric over your backside but still get to see all of your glorious bumbum! This is a multi use item. This body suit would look killer under a jacket and with a skirt or a pair of jeans and a sweater. This is piece of lingerie that will pull double duty. As my one client put it, "Seriously, this body suit is everything!"