Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh, Sexy Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography

You'd be amazed at how silly our boudoir shoots are. Really! You just can't take yourself seriously, prancing around in your itty bittys! Don't get me wrong, we are very serious about getting you super sexy and beautiful photos but your shoot is fun! This babe gets bonus points! She was a riot. I couldn't stop laughing!! On top of that,  she took direction like a dream, down to where to shop!! She wasn't exactly feeling the lingerie our malls were offering up. She called me  before she ventured back out into no man's land and I gave her a few of my unexpected stores to try then zipped of a link to a bra I've been lusting after! I am your nosey girlfriend and will ask your sizes, that way when when I am up late at night wishing I had an unlimited budget and multi-floor closet to house a studio wardrobe...and I come across something that I know you can't buy at the one store at the mall that has a monopoly on our lingerie drawers...I can send you a link to something awesome in your size! A big contributing factor in your building excitement for our shoot is being excited about you get to wear!  When you excited and feel good about what you wearing, it shines through in your photographs!