Boudoir Photographer Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer

Some women decide on a whim to have a boudoir shoot. Others plan. Other revel. Other damn right plot to have a boudoir session. No matter how the shoot comes together or how many emails are exchanged or ideas we talk about, it always comes about that we are a night before a shoot and the nerves kick in! Even for me, I experience a mix of nerves/anxiety and excitement! This woman came in, as sweet as anyone you'd ever hope to meet. We'd been talking for months and for me, sometimes that makes my nerves all the more on edge. My nerves quickly vanished as we were traipsing through her wardrobe options. She pulled out a bra and matching garter skirt that I had posted about on our Facebook page. My jaw hit the floor! I knew she was all in. She follows our Instagram and the FB page, she wasn't missing a beat she was getting amped for her boudoir shoot and preparing herself for her time in front of the camera. She was in charge!

She was a revelation. I fell head over heels for her this day! She showed up, fully committed and open. The next few hours were awesome!!  Some of the most awesome time spent in the studio walls. There was so much laughter and so much intensity. Just as all women are all things, so should your shoot. You have a sultry side, a soft side, a playful side, etc.......You Are Magic.