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I love mail. I love packages but I really really love when the delivery companies bring me new stuff for the studio! I am a little bit of a UPS, FED EX and DHL stalker! Set the text alerts, there is something awesome on its way in 45 minutes, that is so me! This new album is no exception! Until very recently, just about everyone wanted the 8x8 album. A few people went for the  6x6, which is a very sweet and petite little thing but on average an 8x8 album was the favorite of our clients. I love the 8x8 but was starting to feel like your images needed more breath, more space more vibrancy and more EFFECT! So we are going bigger! The 12x12 does that while still maintaining it's modesty.  It looks like any other coffee table book. It is leather and it is delicious but unassuming. Until you open it up! The 12 inches becomes 24 when fully opened. I make sure every client has a centerfold image! Every man wants his own centerfold and every girls secretly wants to be one. NOW YOU ARE! You star in your own amazing archive. Your amazing photos are on full display once inside the album. My designs are still simple but the images themselves are much larger.