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My clients and I spend a lot of time talking about what their ideal boudoir wardrobe might be. I provide a lot of direction and it it really is my goal to photograph you the way you want to be photographed. Some women don't wear much lingerie so they don't know where to start. I don't suggest that you run out and purchase a whole new drawer of under pinnings if you don't typically wear such items. Boudoir really isn't about the bra and panties or even the corsets. Your version of sexy is unique to you. This photo happened at the end of a session with the most amazing girl. She put on her bra and jeans to get ready to leave and it was the sexiest thing she'd worn all day. All the lingerie pieces she had were beautiful but none were truly as defining as this outfit below. We shot an entire set with this lacy nude colored bra, unbuttoned jeans and her bare feet. These images became her favorites from the day.  Since her shoot, I've used this set with a few other clients and I keep hearing, "he loved my jeans photos!" What is appealing is the simplicity, the wholesomeness and the attainability of a girl in this state of undress.  Don't think just about lingerie for your boudoir photoshoot think about what you wear that makes you feel confident! Your good-butt jeans?!