Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer, Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography

I can't even!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!??????? It all started in the middle of the night. Emails, questions, invoices, Pinterest. 24 hours later I was asking if she had slept yet. It all happened so fast. She arrived the studio just as nervous as could be. Which, by the way, is TOTALLY NORMAL! If there weren't some degree of nerves before your boudoir photo shoot, I might worry a little. This is something new and exciting! I keep staring at these photos. Did this happen today? She is MY client? DAMN, I am lucky! She totally transformed under Dessa's care and we giggled through hair and makeup. I knew the was beautiful the second I saw her, but I had no idea she was going to become this complete bombshell! I am totally smitten and I haven't barely even skimmed the surface of her images! More to come!