Pittsburgh Maternity Photography, Maternity Boudoir Pittsburgh

This shoot is several years in the making. When I first met this beautiful woman she responded to an ad I had placed looking for Boudoir models. I was just starting out and was offering little black book albums to women who would sign a model release and allow me the privledge of testing out this idea of boudoir photography with them. She emailed me said she'd love to help me out. On one condition, I also shoot her wedding! We met in a Panera Bread and she brought her bouncing baby boy. I remember that we didn't talk much and her baby and I immediately took to one another. We talked little of the wedding, didn't talk about the boudoir at all and just connected like girl friends. Her little bean was just jumping on my lap and pulling at my jewelry. 

I am lucky enough to call her a friend all these years later. I've photographed her before but I had to talk her into this shoot. I get it. Pregnancy is hard and second pregnancies can easily be overlooked. With so many obligations to an already busy family, enjoying the second pregnancy in the same fashion as the first can be a hard thing to do. This mama has been sick from the moment she conceived and often finds herself fighting through the urge to just sleep and cuddle her rambunctious pre-schooler. I promised her that she never had to see the images. I could keep them for year and years until she felt ready to finally embrace them. 

I knew she wouldn't be able to wait that long and sent her a sneak peek that same afternoon!

"I am a bawling hormonal mess, this isn't how I see myself, I needed this day. Thank You so much."