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She is the prettiest girl in the room and she is one of the boys. Before I met her, I heard about her. You'd have thought she was urban legend. Everyone loves her. I was really anxious for some play time in and out of the studio. Being that she is the prettiest girl in the room and one of the boys, she was the perfect girl to play model for a day. Always up for anything and looks great doing it! Seriously though, I had her traipsing around in 5 inch heels, the tightest skirt we could get her into, through rooms that were barely lit and we were pretty sure were haunted. The plan included shooting 1 little set. 1 idea. Everything started to snowball when she was as excited as I was and wasn't afraid to get dirty, be silly and potentially fail. I don't shoot models often, everyone you've seen on my website is a client. I don't want you to think you can't do this because you aren't a model and for that reason, I keep away from leggy bottle blondes with fake boobs with a bottle tan. I photograph real women. Not women who are paid and get to spend their time grooming and always looks amazing because it is their profession. Dessa and I take women, who have jobs, kids, divorces, illness, stretch marks, cellulite, debt, obligations, shit to do and who just don't always feels like the beautiful creatures they are and how them what we see, women who are living life, doing their best and just don't give themselves enough credit. Look, we all clean up pretty well. We don't live our days always primped and spanxed and hairspray-ed into perfection. Many women contact me and say, but I don't look like the other girls you feature. True story: The girls we feature don't always look like the girls we feature! Dessa and I are your cheerleaders. We find what works best for you body, we collaborate to decide which hair and makeup style compliments the vibe we want for your boudoir shoot, we direct and coach you into flattering poses and drag you into beautiful light. This is about the best you, the best you that maybe you only get a glimpse of once in a blue moon or maybe you've never seen her. You can feel her, you just can't find her....we will help you find her......

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