Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography, Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh, Sneak Peek for A

Do you realize who you are looking at???!?!?! You might not have any idea who this woman is. Let me tell you all about her! She is remarkable. She is a best friend. She is a fiance. A daughter. A confidant. An aunt. An absolute gem. So beloved is she, that her session was a gift from her bestie. Husbands gift boudoir sessions all the time. This was the first time a friend came to us and requested to surprise her BFF in the whole wide world with this experience. 


The dynamic of this group is enviable! For starters, they are righteous gift givers ;) but it was all LOVE ON LOVE ON LOVE! One gal showed up to join our party, fresh off the red eye, in from Los Angeles. We were just the first stop on a multi-leg day for this bride to be! Everyone was so supportive and loving of this boudoir shoot with the ravishing A. 

It was divine to meet you. Even more of a pleasure to photograph and to get to spend the afternoon with you. Your energy and love was palapable! xo