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An absolutely wonderfully delightful surprise. Every client is special to me but not every client is full of surprises. This little stunner was just that! I never saw it coming. I had an inkling. She had one of the steamiest Pinterest boards this year. The second I saw her it was just comfortable, she totally put me at ease! That is usually my job!! It took me a few minutes to ensure that she was legal. Not a blemish, not a dry line, fine line or flake anywhere on her porcelain skin! Seriously! You have no idea how potentially awkward it is to say, "...but you're like, 19 right?"

We laughed so hard during her makeup, that I started to cry and sweat from all the heaving and shaking going on. Then before I knew it she was posing and batting her eye lashes like a pro! This set is absolute gorgeous. The variety and the girl just melted my heart! 

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