My Travel Essentials, Beauty Portraits, Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography

I make no qualms about my 'issues'. I am a bona fide beauty junkie. I have more makeup/skincare/beauty care products than I really need. I have been working really hard at stabilizing my collection and only purchasing what I need. Talk about an oxymoron. What I really need? I could talk skincare and makeup all day long. Part of the fun of being a boudoir photographer is that beauty products can play a huge part of what we do and how we feel! I am getting ready to head out of town for a few days and I needed to refresh my travel essentials! I posted this on my Facebook page and past client/friend wanted to know what everything was and WHY I bought it!


From Left to Right.


Dry shampoo. Bastiste brand. I grabbed these at Ulta. Small enough to get in a carry on! I just have too much hair to End of story

 My holy grail mascara, Tarte's Lights Camera Lashes. For me, this mascara rocks my socks because it isn't a rubber bristled fat chunky wand mascara. I can't stand this new trend in mascara of these enormous wands. A larger wand doesn't not equate to fatter lashes. Lights, Camera, Lashes is proven to increase your lash volume by over 400% Yes, you really read that right!

Next up is First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. OMG. So I am a moisturizer snob. I'd rather be a scab than use cheap lotion. I am getting old enough that I care more about my skin than my makeup. I care more about healthy skin than how it looks. I was super surprised by this line, F.A.B.  This is a head to toe moisturizer. I find that to be a unique quality. The skin on our faces and bodies aren't the same and often it can be advised to not use the same moisturizer on all of your parts. This moisturizer will kick eczema to the curb, it is fragrance free and is suitable for both face and body. For travel, I can't beat it. Pumps and jars can get messy to travel with so this squeeze tube is Boss!

The pink gloss above the Ultra Repair Cream is something that has been in and out of my makeup bag since, the sixth grade. Clinique Glosswear in Air Kiss. A creamy gentle pink with a gold shimmer. It used to be in a pot and I loved the brush it came with but using a doe foot applicator makes application a cinch. It doesn't add a significant color payoff but it really enhances your natural lip color and makes it a travel no brainer.

My skin doesn't love to travel. Different water, different humidity etc. I am prone to breakout when I am away from my home. To minimize this one thing I try to keep consistent is my cleanser. I love Philosophy Purity. It breaks down makeup like an oil, it just melts it off your face, you can keep your eyes open, it won't burn. I love it.

Not pictured are the Comodynes Towels that I order in bulk. I love these for cleaning my face in the morning, before I use my Purity, or you know that airplane crust you get, stop in the restroom, swipe over all your exposed skin and all the sudden you are radiant and you feel clean!

Lastly, is Philosophy's Falling In Love fragrance. I buy this once every few years and when it's gone it is gone until I need a warm fuzzy scent. I usually want to smell like soap but every once in a while I like to smell like I want to cuddle!

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