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Choosing the wardrobe for your pittsburgh boudoir photo shoot can be half the fun! Most girls love to shop and play dress up. I love it. I have different wardrobes for my different personalities! Some days I am a little bit vintage and other days I look downright homeless, but it is all part of the fun of being a girl! Shopping for lingerie and different items for my supplemental wardrobe to offer to you lets me indulge. I love going out and selecting an outfit you never would have thought of. 

Your Boudoir photo shoot doesn't mean you have to wear lingerie. The GFE Boudoir has an entire Pinterest Board dedicated to non-lingerie suggestions to help you really design your wardrobe!   These women below took their inspiration from the boys! The  mixture of the masculine style and the awesome female shape are a seriously hot combo! Let me throw this out there, his white shirt....that has been done and chances are it is too big on you. Buy a mens white shirt in YOUR size or even wander in to the kids department and buy something that is snug. He will prefer you wear something too small and that show some curve and skin as opposed to being hidden in a massive shirt. The same goes for other menswear items, jerseys, socks, underwear...you get the idea. 

Take the inspiration from the mens department but don't shop there!



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