Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer, The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir

You must bring a little bit of yourself to your shoot. So often, you are doing this as a gift for your special partner. You think about what that person likes you to wear, you think about what you have that fits, what you have that you even like, you go shopping and you see a ton of stuff you are just unsure about. By the time you arrive at the The Girlfriend Experience Boudoir studio you've collected a bunch of items and we just play dress up for bit. I don't mind this at all, bring the kitchen sink too!  Sometimes, items stick out immediately that beg to be photographed, beg to be worn and shown off. Other times you find items you've had in your drawer for years and never worn and now we know why!!  This beautiful woman had some fantastic options! She just couldn't see how some of them went together! The boots and hat aren't traditional boudoir wardrobe pieces, but they are fun! That is what this entire Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography experience is about, having fun!